Screening & Discussion: 3rd i NY presents the 2nd NY Arab and South Asian Short Video Slam

Wed, July 27, 2011 7:00 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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$5-$10 Suggested Donation (no one will be turned away)
Doors Open 6:30pm

We will present the best in recent short videos that were submitted to an open call, that increase awareness of the creative vitality and sociopolitical realities of North Africa, the Middle East, Iran, South Asia, and their diasporas.

3rd i NY has been presenting monthly film screenings and for two years a film festival in conjunction with theater partners. We enjoy providing an informal venue to showcase local independent and experimental pieces that are aesthetically, politically, theoretically and/or technically innovative as well as serve as a meeting place filmmakers and film aficionados.

Many of the participating filmmakers will be present. They will have 1-2 minutes to introduce their shorts, and be on hand after the screening for a group Q&A. Join us for a healthy debate and cross-cultural learning.

Continue the conversation informally after the Q&A over drinks in our beautiful loft space.

About the Selected Films:

Exit (Mohanad Yaqubi, UK/Palestine, 2009, documentary, 10:24)

A collaboration between Palestinian filmmaker Mohanad Yaqubi and French choreographer Jean Gaudin. Taking the London Underground as its location, the piece traverses genres - appearing part site specific dance performance, part atmospheric architectural exploration, and part video art. Featuring stunning cinematography and an award winning original score, Exit arrives at an accomplished fusion of the organic and the concrete by playing on the dancer's bodily and emotional encounter with a claustrophobia underworld of stark lines and threatening machinery.

The Taxi Takes on Terror (Vandana Sood, India, 2010, 20:00)

Documentary project based on conversations between taxi drivers and passengers in the taxis of Mumbai. The conversations are centered on the terrorist attacks that hit Mumbai on 26th November 2008, and address a host of related issues including gender, fear, faith and identity. The taxi is a public yet contained space where candid and spontaneous talks take place between people of all walks of life creating diverse perspectives on any issue.

Horizon (Amin Hussain, USA/Palestine, 1:49)

A performance-based video exploring the nature of lines and boundaries. As a Palestinian-American who lived in Ramallah for 18 years, Amin Husain is an artist who was originally trained as a lawyer. His work incorporates elements of writing, collaboration, performance and photography/video. Amin is interested in the boundaries that divide us, be it memory, language or national, cultural, or historical narratives.

Lesh Sabreen? (Muayad Alayan, Palestine, 2009, 20:00)

Set in a Palestinaina neighborhood in Jerusalem, two young lovers navigate dreams and dead-ends in their socially-conservative and Israeli-controlled community. Sabreen and Ayman long to be together, but without true economic opportunityes, Ayman will never win Sabreen's father's approval. And with power structures conspiring to restrain their dreams, will the young lovers muster the imagination to realize their hopes and dreams? The film illustrates the several layes of authority confronting young Arab Jerusalemites, from the patriarchal social norms and taboos, to economic pressures and the military occupation.

Sahyeh Sorkh (Rashin Fahandej, USA/Iran, 2010, 14:00)

Following Iranian turmoil and demonstrations of 2009, a young woman living in San Francisco attempts to make sense of the disparity between the mundane tasks of her daily life and the turbulence imposed upon those who challenge socio-political structures. Her actions take on symbolic meanings, reflecting the inner labor of a woman caught between emotional and geographical poles.

Seeking Single White Male (Vivek Shraya, Canada, 2010, 2:20)

A study of a brown body in (queer) white spaces. Shraya is a Toronto-based artist whose projects include multiple records and a collection of illustrated short stories, God Loves Hair, which was a 2011 Lambda Literary Award finalist. This is his first short film.

Shadow (Mohammed Alhamoud, USA/Saudi Arabia 2009, 5:00)

A one-shot short follows two teenage sisters leaving their house to buy a wedding dress. After completing a law degree from King Saud University, Alhamoud is currently a motion picture student at the Academy of Art, San Francisco.

Take Me Away (Assia Lakhlif, Morocco, 2009, 20:00)

On a trip to their wedding celebration a mother and her daughter's true desires are revealed and tested.Born in Morocco in 1984, Assia Lakhlif grew up in Casablanca and Queens, New York. She is a writer and director with a background in Fine Arts including painting and photography. Born in Casablanca in 1984, Assia Lakhlif grew up in Morocco and New York. She is a writer and director with a background in visual arts, painting and photography. She studied Art at The Cooper Union receiving her BFA in 2005. She went on to study film and completed her graduate studies at CalArts in Los Angeles earning her Masters in Film and Video in 2008. Her work and films have been shown at Newfilmmakers LA, Cannes, Future Shorts, Art Dubai, LACMA and The Jordan Short Festival, among others.p>


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3rdi NY Film Programming is made possible in part by the Fund for Creative Communities, supported by NYSCA and administered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Alwan for the Arts hosts our monthly screenings series. We are thankful to the SINGH Foundation for acting as our fiscal sponsor.

About the Presenting Organization

3rd I New York's monthly film and video salons designed by local filmmakers and cultural producers focuses on the works of independent media-makers of South Asian, Middle Eastern and North African descent. Providing alternative forums for under-represented filmmakers who often have few venues to showcase their work not only increases their visibility, but also provides a social forum for peers and audiences to participate in an ongoing discussion.

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Still from Exit
Still from Exit
Still from The Taxi Takes on Terror
Still from The Taxi Takes on Terror
Still from Horizon
Still from Horizon
Still from Sahyeh Sorkh
Still from Sahyeh Sorkh
Still from Seeking Single White Male
Still from Seeking Single White Male
Still from Shadow
Still from Shadow
Still from Take Me Away
Still from Take Me Away

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