Dance Performance and Screening: Contemporary Dance and Violin with Leyya Tawil & Mike Khoury: Quieting Heart

Sun, March 27, 2011 7:00 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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Arab-American artists Leyya Tawil (dance) and Mike Khoury (violin) perform Quieting Heart, a contemporary improvisational duet. Followed by screenings and talk-back with artists.

Quieting Heart is an ongoing numbered series of works produced by Tawil's DANCE ELIXIR, with an evolving cast of collaborators. Each work of dance, music and/or film offers performed research into silence, sound and the witness perspective.

Dance and Violin Duet: Quieting Heart: Attempt #23

Screenings: Quieting Heart - Attempt #5, by Leyya Mona Tawil/ Dance/DANCE ELIZER, music by Mark Gergis (Hotel Pupik residency, Austria, 2010). ; Untitled - New Work, a preview of video collaboration between Tawil, composer Jeff Pagano and filmmaker Joseph Makkos (Central City Artist Project residency, New Orleans, 2010).

Tickets:$15 at the door andonline(small surcharge applies; use printout as your ticket). $10 at door withmembershipcard.

Doors at 6:30 pm

About the Artists:

Leyya Mona Tawil is Artistic Director of DANCE ELIXIR, an organization dedicated to artistic collaboration, dance research and contemporary arts production. As an improviser, Tawil has had the honor of working with musicians around the world. She primarily works in the duet format, in a free-improvisation style.

Tawil's choreography has been featured in national tours and international engagements throughout Europe and the Middle East, including Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival 2010 (Palestine), the Syrian National Opera House (Damascus), Overtoom 301 (Amsterdam) and Studio Emad Eddin (Cairo). Her work has also been produced by the Beirut International Platform On Dance 2009, the San Francisco International Arts Festival 2008, the Arab American National Museum (Detroit), and The Flea (NYC); and featured on Syrian Drama TV (Damascus), Future TV (Lebanon), FEN Magazine (NYC), and throughout San Francisco print and radio media.

Tawil is a first-generation Syrian-Palestinian-American, born in Detroit, Michigan. She received a BDA in Dance (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, School of Music) and an MFA in Choreography (Mills College-Oakland). She has received numerous grants and awards including the prestigious University of Michigan Emerging Artist Award (2008)

Mike Khoury was born in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan in 1969. As the son of visual artist Sari Khoury, he was exposed to various forms of visual arts and creative musical forms. Khoury is Palestinian.

Khoury began studying violin at the age of 10 and eventually came under the guidance of Julliard graduate Nancy Smith. Abandoning the violin for electric bass, Khoury played in various rock combos and eventually settled with the trio, The Urban Farmers. The group combines ethnic music with elements of jazz and psychedelic rock, is featured on many compilations and has released an album.

Khoury went on to explore the possibilities of free and improvised music and resumed his studies of the violin. He furthered his involvement in the creative improvised realm with Jason Shearer (winds) and Ben Hall (percussion). He also played with Siege Machine, a larger ensemble balancing graphical score compositions with improvisation. Khoury continues his studies of violin at Art Center Music School with composer/violinist David Litven. In addition, Khoury operates Entropy Stereo Recordings, a free improvisation music label.

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Leyya Tawil by Atsushi Iwai
Leyya Tawil by Atsushi Iwai
Mike Khoury on Violin
Mike Khoury on Violin
Tawil and Khoury
Tawil and Khoury

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