Musical Performance: Ottoman Turkish Sufi Music with Ismail Hakki Cimen

Fri, October 6, 2006 9:00 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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Friday, October 6, 2006, 9:00 PM $15 ($10 for students with valid ID)

To the second concert in the Ramadan series ALWAN FESTIVAL OF SACRED MUSIC

Ottoman Turkish Sufi Music With

Ismail Hakki Cimen (voice, ney) was born in Turkey and lived in Brazil and the United States. He is a musician of the Ottoman Sufi tradition and plays the ney (reed flute) and oud . He is an expert on makam theory especially as it applies to the performance of ilahis (hymns) in the Sufi ceremonies of remembrance. He also performs duraks and kasides, a form of poetry found in Ottoman literature, in which the themes can be both secular and religious. He is also a chanter of the Quran (hafiz), and studied with Abdurrahman Gurses and Mehmed Efendi, the famous imam of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. He received an honorary doctorate from the Istanbul Technical University, Turkish Classical Music Conservatory. He participated in numerous workshops at universities worldwide, and gave concerts in Europe, Latin America and the United States.

Mavrothis Kontanis (oud) was born in Pennsylvania to Greek immigrants from Megali Panagia, Halkidiki. He grew up listening to a blend of Greek folk music and Western classical music. By thirteen he was playing guitar, and three years later, Greek bouzouki. After meeting his future oud teacher and seeing and hearing this beautiful instrument for the first time, Mavrothis started at the age of 16 to study oud. He has had several influential teachers, from Hristos Panopoulos and Sotirios Tsourekis on bouzouki, to Stamatis Merzanis, Emin Gunduz, Dr. Munir N. Beken, Kyriakos Kalaitzidis, Dincer Dalkilic, and Yurdal Tokcan on oud and makam theory. Mavrothis has regularly performed in the US, as well as abroad. Along with performing traditional and classical music from Greece and the Near East, he enjoys writing his own music and teaching oud.

Phaedon Sinis (kemence) is a multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, NY. His childhood passion for his father's records led him to begin flute studies at age 7. Self-taught in reading music, he was admitted to the Juilliard School's pre-college division at age 11, where he studied flute, music theory and solfege for seven years. After college, he developed an intense interest in the folk music of the eastern Mediterranean and experimented with a variety of styles and instruments. Since 2002 he has focused on learning repertoire and improvisational techniques of Ottoman Turkish music, studying kemence with Sokratis Sinopoulos and analyzing old recordings.

Demetri Tashie (percussion). In addition to playing zurna, laouto, yayli tanbur, and bendir, Demetri Tashie also teaches Greek Folk Dance, and makes archival documents of village folk rituals, including the Anastenaria - the Fire Walkers of Thrace. He teaches throughout the US , and gives lectures on various topics of Folk Music, Dance, and Ritual. He has been a featured Lecturer at the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts, as well as performing at Lincoln Center Out of Doors.

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Turkish miniature showing court musicians
Turkish miniature showing court musicians

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