Fundraising Event: Holiday Bazaar: Crafts and Food from the Middle East

Sun, December 17, 2006 2:00 pm at Anny Bakalian

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Holiday Bazaar: Crafts and Food from the Middle East

Sunday, December 17, 2006, 2:00 - 7:00 PM

Chez Anny Bakalian

Shop at our holiday Middle Eastern bazaar where Armenian pottery by Sandrouni, Palestinian embroidery, giclee prints by George Kosinski, jewelry, etc. and food (kibbe, lahm bil ajeen, baklava, etc.) will beavailable for sale. Support Alwan in its Holiday Fundraising Campaign

Since 1998, Alwan for the Arts, a 501c3 organization, has played a leading role in promoting the diverse arts and cultures of the Middle East and North Africa in New York City. In 2006, thanks to your generosity, Alwan has had a very productive year.

We programmed 26 musical concerts; a music workshop taught by Bassem Saba, one of the most renowned Arab musicians; the largest Arab film festival in the United States, as well as eight film screenings at Alwan attended by directors; twelve poetry, book and play readings and panel discussions; three art exhibitions; Arabic language classes; and four dance parties. We strengthened and expanded partnerships and collaborations with other nonprofit immigrant and cultural organizations in the production of major events. Our partners include the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Spirit of Fes, 3rd i NY, ANERA, and South Asian Women Creative Collective. We also continue to donate and provide space to other organizations and artists. In addition and through a capital campaign grant, Alwan initiated an infrastructure improvement project to its space at 16 Beaver.

We consistently receive positive feedback about the good programming, the friendly space, and the reasonable donation we've been asking for. Almost half of the events we have programmed last year were free and open to the public. We believe that it is Alwan's mission to be an affordable safe haven for our own particular community, but, moreover, for the many other communities of immigrants, grassroots organizations and talented artists to expand our scope and cultivate affiliations, solidarity and a collaborative spirit. We have successfully expanded and diversified our audience base. We now reach over 4,000 subscribers through our electronic list. 2007 promises to be a very busy year at Alwan ushered with a new year's eve celebration; and planning for another film festival, music and literary events are already well underway. To continue providing excellent and varied programming, Alwan needs your continued patronage. Please consider supporting Alwan.

We hope you contribute to this worthy endeavor.

You can contribute with a secure online donation by clicking on the button below and thank you.

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Anny Bakalian

425 East 79th Street, Apt 14 E
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