Musical Performance: Jazz Meets The Near East Festival: Mohammad Kundos and MOCHILA - CD Release of "Green Bullets"

Sat, May 2, 2009 9:00 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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Mohammad Kundos - 'Oud and Arabic Percussion

and featuring

Eric Alterman - Cello
Will C - Spoken words/poetry
Jamie Fleishman - Saxophone
Emily Gelb - Viola
Jae Kyo Han - Piano
Greg Hodgman - Drum set
Hannah “Boots" Janoowalla - Sitar
Alberto Lopez - Bongos
Jonathan Lopez - Electric Bass
Abeer Musleh - Qanun and flute
Alex Singer - Violin

Doors open at 8:30


A "mochila" is a large leather bag made by Indian farmers in Colombia. Despite its simple materials and structure, it can hold a lot of weight.

Like the bag, the band Mochila presents and manages a combination of different identities, a fusion of cultures and rituals. Mochila was created by Mohammad Kundos, a Palestinian from Jaffa and a film and music double major at Brandeis University, as a tool for building bridges between peoples on both a human and a musical level through the universal language of music.

All of Mochila's compositions are original pieces written by Kundos which combine Arabic music with Jazz, Indian, Reggae, and other world influences. Mochila also melds together a unique blend of instruments including Oud, Cello, Piano, Saxophone, Viola, Bass, Flute, Qanun, and various percussion. Mohammad Kundos's songs each have their own story, their own place and time, their own flavor and smell.

Mochila's mission: Create. Discover. Combine. Appreciate.


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General Admission: $20 plus $1 online purchase surcharge; $20 purchase at the door.
Students (with valid I.D.): $15 plus $1 online purchase surcharge; $15 purchase at the door .


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