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We at Alwan for the Arts are grateful for your support this year and continue to rely on you as we enter our eleventh year.

Please consider making a donation to Alwan this holiday season:

Alwan is almost entirely run by dedicated volunteers, so our overhead is a low 25% of our operating budget. Your tax-deductible contributions go towards creating events that are free or accessible to all. No amount is too small; each of you can help make sure our doors stay open.

Alwan is a unique organization that showcases and promotes Arab, Iranian, and South Asian arts and culture in the New York metropolitan area and beyond. Since its foundation in 1998, Alwan has provided a space to learn about the rich cultural traditions of these regions and their diasporas, and enabled public access to timely panels and discussions about issues that affects us all. Through music, films, book readings, lectures, and art exhibits, Alwan strives to provide exceptional experiences in the arts, and analysis that transcends conventional knowledge about both the Middle East and its relationship to the world.

The year 2008 brought much to celebrate. Alwan produced close to 100 events, including:
* Our annual Arab and South Asian Film Festival—the largest Arab Film Festival in North America!
* A Superb “Sacred Music Festival,” hosting a beautiful range of musicians.
* Panel discussions and book talks addressing issues of public concern, including the war on Iraq and deteriorating civil liberties in the United States.
* Weekly music concerts that are a staple of the New York musical scene.
* Year-round film screenings and original documentary production. This year, Alwan co-produced “War Diaries.” This documentary series is based on footage by cameramen and ordinary people on the ground, and shows the American public glimpses of daily life in Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, and Afghanistan otherwise absent from the mainstream media.
* Dance performances featuring artists from across the Middle East and South Asia.
* Poetry and literary readings, including celebrations of pivotal figures like Mahmoud Darwish, Constantine Cavafy, Elia Abu Mady, and the Iranian writer Mahmoud Dowlatabadi.

There are many ways to support our project and participate in our community We are always looking for volunteers to offer their time and talents. And, we are always eager to hear your ideas for programming. Do you know of artists, speakers, performers, and the like who would be an asset to the Alwan community? Please let us know by writing Leili Kashani at

Plans are already underway for hosting orchestras, dance troupes, and visual artists from the Arab world; a dance performance series will commence in February; a series of talks on aesthetics and participation will be one of our major features this coming year; our 6th “Arab and South Asian Film Festival” is from April 9-19; and our education program will expand significantly in 2009; for the first time in Alwan's history, 2009 will feature an original commissioned musical score and a new documentary production.

Alwan is also a growing organization with great ambitions. In 2008, we have grown our governing board and expanded our base of curators and volunteers. Furthermore, we are now in the process of putting together a national advisory board to broaden Alwan's reach and resources. For the first time in Alwan's history we are proud to announce we have produced audited financial statements for 2008 fiscal year, which we will make available to our supporters and Alwan's community.

Despite our cost-efficient structure, Alwan is still an expensive effort. Each event still costs us an average of $40 per seat, even though our events are either free or inexpensively priced to make them widely accessible.

We fully recognize that this has been a difficult year for many and that 2009 looks to be just as challenging. As a cultural organization focused on the Middle East and South Asia, we feel the hardship too. But we believe that in these difficult times, Alwan’s work is more important than ever. We all need a place for art, a place for discussion, and a place to gather New York’s diverse communities to build a better future.

You can either make your tax-deductible contribution online at or send a check to:

16 Beaver St. 4th FL.
New York, NY 10004

Please consider helping. We look forward to welcoming you at Alwan in the new year and sharing our exciting events with you in 2009!

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