Screening: Have You Another Apple by Bayram Fazli

Tue, June 17, 2008 7:00 pm at Two Boots Pioneer Theater

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Alwan for the Arts and 3rd i Collaborative Monthly Series

Have You Another Apple by Bayram Fazli/ Iran / 2007 / 90 mins / 35 mm / Farsi with English Subtitles

Trains: F to 2nd Ave, 6 to Astor, R,W to 8 St.
Tickets: $10 Adults / $6.50 Pioneer Members

A surrealistic and anti-clerical comic allegory Have You Another Apple opens during a dystopian reign in some unspecified middle eastern land. The despot ruler exerts complete subjugation over his populace with the help of the "dasdaran," black-clad, scythe-bearing warriors who sweep across the country on horseback, establishing a reign of terror. A hero (Zabih Afshar) rises from the populace, but proves himself more of an idiot than the muscle-bound deliverer that one might envision. Bald, slovenly, and overweight, he seems to exist only to fill his gut, and stumbles through life eliciting comic mayhem wherever he goes. Eventually, he pairs up with an intelligent woman (Leila Mousavi), who can barely stand him, and the two work together to deliver the country from its oppressors. Village after village, they awaken the (literally) sleeping populace and get them to rally against the sickle bearers. Equal part Mad Max and Buñuel, this film will have you laughing out loud and give you plenty to talk about for long after the end credits roll.

About the Presenting Organizations:

3rd I New York's monthly film and music salon designed by local
filmmakers and experimental djs showcases the works of independent
filmmakers of South Asian descent and local djs, musicians and
electronica artists. Providing alternative forums for South Asian
filmmakers who often have few venues to showcase their work not only
increases their visibility, but also provides a social forum for peers
and audiences to participate in an ongoing discussion. See for more information.

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