Workshop: Master Class In Arab Music with Dr. Alfred Gamil

Sat, March 24, 2007 2:00 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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Alwan For The Arts Presents

Saturday, March 24, 2007, 2:00-6:00 PM

Master Class In Arab Music
For Instrumentalists, Vocalists and percussionists

Dr. Alfred Gamil

Through the study of original compositions, demonstration and practice, Dr. Gamil will discuss Maqam theory, ornamentation, improvisation and performance practices. The workshop will culminate in a live performance with some of the workshop attendees. The live performance will take place at 9:00 PM the same day and will be free for all those who registered for the workshop.

Fees and Registration:
To register, please send an email to
Fees: $60 payable by check to Alwan Foundation. Checks will be collected the day of the workshop.

About Alfred Gamil

Alfred Gamil was born in Cairo in 1957. In 1972 he completed the preparatory school education at the Frères School (Collège de la Salle). In the same year he enrolled at the High Institute for Arabic Music, at the Secondary Section. 1975 he obtained the Diploma from the Arab Music Institute with distinction specializing in ‘voice’. During his study at the same Institute he attended voluntarily a year of general knowledge in music, covering music theory and composition at the Conservatory.
In 1975, Alfred Gamil enrolled at the High Institute for Arabic Music studying the same specialization. In 1979 he obtained a B.A. with an excellent degree in both the general and the specialization studies,
with honor grade of the first degree. in 1980, he was assigned as assistant at the Institute, Section of Theory and Composition.
In 1983, Alfred Gamil obtained his Master’s Degree with excellence from the Section of Musical Instruments, specializing in lute. The topic of the thesis was: “The musical instrument of “tumbur” (a long-necked, stringed instrument resembling the mandolin) and its relation to the family of lute. ”Simultaneously, he studied violin since 1987 with Professor Bretzy in a way that made it his main instrument with the Oud.
1990, Alfred Gamil obtained the Ph.D. in the philosophy of arts. The thesis bore the title: “Achieving a number of Arabic Maqamat (gemmas and scales) of the Turkish Sazenda”.
Since 1996, Dr. Alfred Gamil has been assistant professor at the High Institute for Arabic Music, affiliated to the Academy of Arts. He is advising a number of dissertations about Arabic Music Theory, violin, oud playing techniques.
Dr. Gamil is also a student of the famous Abdou Dagher, a violin legend called "malik attaqasim", King of of improvising. Dr. gamil has been performing internationally for many years and has founded and leads his group Qithara. he also has contributed greatly in performances by other groups such as Ensemble David and others.

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