Workshop: Arab Music Workshop led by Bassam Saba

Sun, April 9, 2006 7:00 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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Alwan For The Arts

Is inviting applications from musicians to participate in an:

Arab Music Workshop & Final Performance

Led by Bassam Saba

Saturdays and Sundays April 1-2, 8-9, 1:00-5:00 PM

Sunday, April 9, 7:00 PM Public Performance

Held at Alwan For The Arts

Fee: $160 (Some financial aid is available for qualified candidates)

Applications and inquiries should be emailed to Tareq Abboushi


Alwan for the Arts is proud to host an Arab music workshop presented by Bassam Saba. The workshop consists of four sessions, four hours each, over two weekends in April. The fourth and final session will be dedicated to dress rehearsals and a final concert performance. Since its focus in on Arab music, the workshop is limited to musicians that play the oud, qanoun, ney, buzuq, violin, bass, cello, accordion, flute, clarinet, voice, and percussion (durbakkeh, riq, and frame drums). Musicians interested in learning about the subtleties of performing Arab music in an ensemble are encouraged to take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn from one of the most highly regarded Arab musicians in the world.

The workshop is designed to enable participants to deal with specific issues vis-a-vis each instrument at three different levels – as a large group, as a smaller ensemble, and as an individual. As a group, participants will work on rhythms and learn about the maqam (Arab musical mode) through ear training and other exercises. As a smaller ensemble, workshop participants will learn new music through compositions about phrasing, articulation, arrangement, ensemble leadership, and problem solving. Individuals with leadership inclinations will be given the opportunity to hone their skills by participating in various aspects of leading a group. On an individual level, participants will focus on improving the intonationand sound quality of each instrument.


Bassam Saba is one of the premier figures working in classical Arab music today. A world-renowned instrumentalist, conductor and composer, equally at home in jazz and European classical music. Originally from Lebanon, Bassam Saba studied at the Lebanon National Conservatory. In 1976, Mr. Saba moved to Paris where he received his BA in Western Classical music and Flute Performance at the Conservatoire Municipal des Gobelins. In 1985, he earned his MA in Western Flute Performance and Music Education at the Gnessin Musical Pedagogical Institute in Moscow.

In 1990, Bassam Saba moved to New York and joined Simon Shaheen’s Near Eastern Music Ensemble.
As a teacher of oud, nay, and violin, Bassam Saba has served as a faculty member of the annual Arabic Music Retreat. Since 2003, he has coached and conducted the Harvard Middle Eastern Music Ensemble and has developed new instruction, performance methods and theory for the oud, nay, and violin.


Please email the follwing Information by March 27 to Tareq Abboushi
Arab Music Workshop Application Form

**(copy and past the follwing in the body of your email to Tareq Abboushi , then add information accordingly)

1. Personal information


Phone number:

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2. Musical information

Primary instrument:
Number of years you have played your instrument:

Other instruments you play:

Musical background: Knowledge of Arab music:

Can you read music?

Do you learn music by ear or through note reading?
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3. Financial aid

A small amount of financial aid is available for qualified students. To determine eligibility, please fill out the following section:

Income for the year 2005:
Please explain why you feel that you should receive financial aid?

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