Book Reading/Signing: The Middle East: Status Quo and Political Future

Wed, December 17, 2003 7:00 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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Stuart Schaar, Professor of North-African and Middle Eastern History Brooklyn College, CUNY

Co-editor of The Middle East and Islamic World Reader, Grove 2003

Pr. Schaar is a co-editor with Pr. Marvin Gettleman of PolytechnicUniversity in Brooklyn of The Middle East and Islamic World Reader. Thebook is a multi-faceted guide to Middle Eastern history and politics. Itincludes excerpts from the Quran, Hadith and from the works of medievalIslamic philosophers, but the bulk of the book focuses on the complexresponse of the Islamic world to modernity and Western hegemony. Ataturk's efforts to reform Turkey along modern, secular lines, Nasser's program of "Arab socialism" in Egypt, Michel Aflaq's Baathist program of pan-Arab nationalism, and Jinnah's championing of a Muslim state before the partition of India, the establishment of an Islamic republic in post- Pahlevi Iran, are among the many topics that are covered along with important texts on U.S. foreign police from the Truman Doctrine to Bush's "Axis of Evil." In addition to original documents, speeches, interviews and manifestos, the editors also reprint academic studies on the economic and social history of the region, along with an exchange between Bernard Lewis and Edward Said on the theme of "the clash of civilizations."

Dr Schaar's publications include: The Alagrian Impasse, co-edited withAbdelleh Hammoudi, 1995; "Orientalism at the Service of Imperialism," inA.L. Macfie, ed., Orientalism: A Reader, 2000; "Irangate: The Middle EastConnections," in Hooshang Amirahmadi, ed., The United States and theMiddle East: A Search for New Perspectives, 1993; "M'hamed Ali: TunisianLabor Organizer," co-authored with Eqbal Ahmad in Edmund Burke, III, ed.Struggle and Survival in the Modern Middle East, 1993.

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Copies of "The Middle East and Islamic World Reader" will be available at the event

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