Screening & Discussion: An Evening wirth Marcel Khalife

Sun, January 11, 2004 7:00 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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An evening with composer and performer Marcel Khalife to present a recently released work, TRAVELER, a documentary and musical collection on DVD

7pm: reception and DVD-signing.

8:30pm: screening of TRAVELER, a documentary by Pierre Dupouey on Marcel

9:30pm: Marcel Khalife will answer questions following the screening

Donation $15

Works of Marcel will be available for sale


For over thirty years, Marcel Khalife has been at the center of Arab musicas a performer and composer. He has written and performed some of the most haunting melodies and stirred more than one hornest net along his journey.

"rita", "oummi" (My Mother), "3aSafeer aj-jaleel" (The Birds of Galilee)"ahmed al-3arabi" are some of the many songs that enchanted 'oud and Arabic lovers.

In 1996, Marcel was accused in a Lebanese court of blasphemy for usinga fragment of the Koran in one of this songs based on the a poem by the pre-eminent Palestinian writer Mahmoud Darwish. A huge controversyensued and it is only in 1999 that he was found innocent.

About Marcel Khalife:


About Marcel Khalife and Blasphemy:


TRAVELER Pierre Dupouey, 2003, France/Lebanon, 65 minutes

A documentary on the work of the Lebanese composer

"Never before has a more revealing title been found to describe Marcel Khalife's destiny and music than TRAVELER

"That't what he chose to be at a very early age. He tore down the barriersbetween people and cultures, without losing sight of the shore where hesailed for the very first time. He never forgot the early memories thatremain vital to his activity and ambition.

"Unwary voyager, Marcel Khalife traveled all roads, citie, and continents.Everywhere people welcomed, adopted and applauded him. Everywhere he found a crowd greedy for his endlessly embellished and enriched repertoire,which gaind maturity after his exile and the nostalgia of a morning to which all comeback is forbidden. Except through thought and memories. That's the reason why his work is complex. But this complexity is loyal to the crystal- clear melodies taken from a collective. It is rich in myths, legends and liturgies, altogether reinvented with poignant freshness and unmatched originality.

"A TRAVELER with a thousand departures, a magician with a thousand tricks, he is "Tom Thumb" who plants thousands of pearls. But Marcel Khalife won't linger at this new phase. Tomorrow he will be eager to leave again, looking for new paths, new sources, and new horizons.


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