Musical Performance: Glen Velez with Lori Cotler

Sat, September 15, 2007 9:30 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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Admision: $15 ($10 for students with valid ID)

Three-time Grammy Award winning master drummer, composer, arranger, teams up with critically acclaimed vocalist & rhythm singer!

In the ancient Mediterranean world, frame drumming was an omnipresent tool of ritual. The frame drum, shaker and voice are instruments most commonly used wherever shamanic healing practices are found. These healing and celebratory themes are audible threads that weave all through Glen and Lori's live performances. Glen and Lori create a sacred-space, a musical setting where the ancient and modern worlds collide, where sound and pulse become a sanctuary.

While Glen draws upon the great drumming traditions of the Middle East, South India and the Mediterranean world (ancient and modern), he plays in a style all his own. Utilizing a vast culmination of complex hand and finger techniques, a symphony of sounds and textures stream forth from just a single hand held drum. Beyond all the jaw-dropping spectacle of Glen's super-human techniques, is a deeply emotional music, a raw beauty, that perhaps, within it's core, resides the most universal rhythm of all - the heart beat.

Glen is also an expert in Central Asian overtone singing (split-tone/ harmonic singing). In addition to singing this style during his drum solos, Glen engages and delights the audience with a crash course in overtone singing. The audience becomes an interactive overtone choir.Lori Cotler's stunning rhythmic adeptness and genre-bending dexterity puts her in a class all her own. Drawing from the highly sophisticated South Indian rare art form known as Konnakol (Slang name: Indian Beatboxing), she can execute with the human voice, vocal maneuvers which don't seem possible in their rhythmic speed and clarity. The Jerusalem Post said, "Cotler sings konakkol, Southern Indian-style chants at impossibly breakneck speed ... performed with peerless artistry and in a seemingly effortless manner. "Part nomad, part Jazz chanteuse and part urban trance singer, Lori's melodic singing is as equally captivating as her rhythmic singing. She is a fearless vocalist, who can soar through complex rhythmic syncopation's, while at any moments notice, flow into tender velvety-toned melisma.

"Performances of primal exhilaration ... seizing the soul of the music at hand." - Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Extreme virtuosity and imagination ... astonishing sophistication" - New York Times

"The audience was rapt, absolutely still, except for those dancing in place." - The Village Voice

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