Musical Performance: Indian devotional music

Fri, September 21, 2007 9:30 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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The Second Concert in the Alwan Festival of Sacred Music Indian devotional music


Falu (Vocals)

Gaurav Shah (Vocals and Harmonium)

Soumya Chatterjee (Violin)

Satyan Shah (Tabla)

Admission: $15 ($10 for students with valid ID)

"To experience Falguni sing you need to see her. Onstage she’s beatific: she looks like something Disney would animate into a full-length film. She loves her audience until you love her too; she’s the happiest performer I’ve ever seen live... Evocative, at times preternaturally high-pitched, almost a ululation, but not sad. The opposite of sad." New York Press, 2002

The Musicians:

Falu Born Falguni Shah in Bombay into a family of classically-trained vocalists, Falu has devoted up to 16 hours a day honing her singing since the age of three. In the mid-1990s while in India she won gold medals in three national-level competitions geared toward young rising classical and semi-classical vocalists. She later became an initiated disciple of legendary sarangi/vocal master Ustad Sultan Khan. In 2000 she moved to the United States and began recording and performing with several contemporary artists including Grammy-nominated producer David Nichtern/Dharma Moon, Asian Massive leader Karsh Kale and the popular Indo-American band Karyshma. In 2004 she was invited to be a solo Indian classical vocalist in Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project. Since 2005 she has served as an ambassador of Indian Music from Carnegie Hall, where her debut family concert at Zankel Hall in May 2006 was sold out. She recently collaborated with Wyclef Jean, lending her vocals to Angelina Jolie's directorial debut "A Place in Time." While she continues to perform her classical repertoire throughout the states, her and her namesake band's emerging signature sound draws freely from both East and West, and was recently described as "Indie Hindi" by the Wall Street Journal. Falu's self-titled debut CD was released online and on iTunes in August 2007. For more information please visit

Gaurav Shah Is a vocalist and songwriter who possesses an ability to seamlessly blend Indian classical/semi-classical music and contemporary pop/rock songwriting. After an introduction to Indian music from flute master Pandit Ronu Majumdar as well as several years of training in Western classical piano, he turned to singing and became an initiated disciple of Ustad Sultan Khan alongside Falu. As an undergraduate at Harvard, he co-founded the band Karyshma. He now lives in New York and works closely with Falu as a co-singer and songwriter. He is a neuro-oncologist by day.

Soumya Chatterjee Is a violinist extraordinaire who also co-founded Karyshma while at Harvard with Gaurav, and possesses a rare singing and songwriting ability that draws from elements of both Western and Indian classical as well as Western folk/rock traditions. He is currently a post-doctorate fellow studying the neuroanatomy of vision at Harvard Medical School.

Satyan Shah Has been learning tabla for the past 12 years under several teachers, most notably Ustad Tari Khan. He has performed with various artists around the US and is currently performing with Falu and her band. He recently performed with her at Carnegie Hall last summer. By day he works as analyst within the hedge fund industry in NYC.

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