Screening & Discussions

May 2014
Wednesday, May, 7, 4:30 pm 3rd i NY and Alwan present "Winter of Discontent" with "Wooden Hand" at NY African Film Festival
December 2013
Thursday, December, 19, 7:00 pm 3rd i NY & Alwan Present "Fear Not the Path of Truth: A Veteran's Journey After Fallujah
May 2013
Thursday, May, 16, 6:30 pm 3rd i NY Presents: The Mute (El Kharsaa) with Lead Actress Samira Ahmed in Attendance
April 2013
Thursday, April, 11, 7:00 pm 3rd i NY Presents: "In God's Land" with Director Pankaj Kumar
Saturday, April, 6, 6:00 pm 3rd i NY and Alwan present "Death for Sale" (NY Premiere) at the NY African Film Festival
December 2012
Tuesday, December, 18, 7:00 pm 3rd i NY Presents: Excerpts from "My Kashmir" with Filmmakers and Guests
October 2012
Sunday, October, 21, 3:00 pm SASI & 3rd i NY present Screening & Discussion with Indian Feminist Uma Chakravarti
Friday, October, 19, 7:00 pm SASI & 3rd i NY present Screening & Discussion: "Papilio Buddha" with Director Jayan Cherian
August 2012
Thursday, August, 2, 7:00 pm 3rd i NY presents the 3rd NY Arab and South Asian Short Video Slam
June 2012
Friday, June, 8, 7:00 pm Witnessing the Revolutions with Faizan Fiaz, Anjali Kamat, and Sabelo Narasimhan
May 2012
Monday, May, 21, 7:00 pm 3rd i NY Presents: Flying Paper: Sneak Preview Party at the New School
March 2012
Wednesday, March, 21, 7:00 pm HUNGER: The Struggle of Political Prisoners, From Ireland to Palestine
February 2012
Thursday, February, 23, 7:00 pm The City-Visualizing The Past, Rebranding The Present I, II, III & IV by Jessica Jacobs
Monday, February, 20, 7:00 pm 3rd i NY presents: Pearls on the Ocean Floor
December 2011
Saturday, December, 10, 4:00 pm Bhopali: A Chronicle of Lives Affected by the 1984 Union Carbide Gas Leak In Bhopal, India
Monday, December, 5, 7:00 pm London River, with director Rachid Bouchareb
November 2011
Thursday, November, 17, 7:00 pm 3rd i NY & Deep Dish TV Present - India: Repression & Colonialism in the "World's Largest Democracy"
Tuesday, November, 1, 7:00 pm 3rd i Presents: The Kingdom of Women by Dahna Abourahme Documentary|2010 |54 min.
October 2011
Saturday, October, 29, 7:00 pm POSTPONED 3rd i NY Presents: Inshallah, Football - The Difficulty of Dreaming in Kashmir
September 2011
Thursday, September, 8, 7:00 pm 3rd i NY presents "Enemy Alien" by Konrad Aderer
August 2011
Friday, August, 26, 7:00 pm 3rd i NY presents Juliano, by Emtiaz Diab
Wednesday, August, 10, 7:00 pm 3rd i NY & SALGA-NYC, Inc. Present: South Asian Diasporas and the Politics of Sexuality
July 2011
Wednesday, July, 27, 7:00 pm 3rd i NY presents the 2nd NY Arab and South Asian Short Video Slam
Wednesday, July, 20, 7:00 pm Hassan Khan: Transitions and a Selection of Short Single Channel Videos 1997-2002
June 2011
Monday, June, 6, 7:00 pm 3rd i NY Presents: Hip Hop is Bigger than the Occupation
May 2011
Tuesday, May, 24, 7:00 pm 3rd i NY Presents: Cultures of Resistance, The Documentary - A Fundraiser for Existence is Resistan
March 2011
Friday, March, 18, 7:00 pm 3rd i NY Presents: 1st NY Arab & South Asian Short Video Slam
January 2011
Wednesday, January, 19, 7:00 pm 3rd i NY Presents: Americans On Hold
December 2010
Thursday, December, 9, 7:00 pm Where Should the Birds Fly by Fida Qishta and Changing My Mind About Palestine by Nora Malone
June 2010
Saturday, June, 12, 4:30 pm Iran: Voices of the Unheard
April 2010
Wednesday, April, 14, 7:00 pm AZI AYIMA (COME MOTHER) with Director Sami Shalom Chetrit in Attendance
March 2010
Tuesday, March, 9, 7:00 pm American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein
January 2010
Wednesday, January, 27, 7:00 pm "A Road to Mecca: The Journey of Muhammad Asad." Discussion with Talal Asad and Joseph Massad
November 2009
Saturday, November, 14, 4:00 pm IN FRAME: KASHMIR
Friday, November, 6, 8:00 pm Outside the Law: Stories from Guantánamo
October 2009
Wednesday, October, 21, 7:00 pm OPEN SHUTTERS IRAQ: An Evening With Filmmaker Maysoon Pachachi
Tuesday, October, 20, 7:00 pm Naseem / The Morning Breeze, presented by Director Saeed Mirza
September 2009
Friday, September, 18, 7:00 pm Revolution In Motion: Featuring Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
August 2009
Wednesday, August, 19, 7:00 pm "Bil'in Habibti" by Shai Carmel Pollack
Monday, August, 17, 8:30 pm Amreeka, with Director Cherien Dabis
June 2009
Thursday, June, 25, 4:00 pm "Remnants of a War" by Jawad Metni, New York Premiere
February 2009
Saturday, February, 28, 7:00 pm Healing Life / Kondo Jibon
November 2008
Monday, November, 17, 7:00 pm "El Bondera," a documentary on Cairo's Taxi Drivers
Wednesday, November, 12, 7:30 pm Chronicles of a Refugee Episode 6 of 6 –– “The Return of Talk”
Wednesday, November, 5, 7:30 pm Chronicles of a Refugee Episode 5 of 6 –“The Talk of Return”
October 2008
Tuesday, October, 28, 7:30 pm Chronicles of a Refugee Episode 4 of 6 –“Identity Without a Homeland”
Wednesday, October, 22, 7:30 pm Chronicles of a Refugee Episode 3 of 6 – “Homeland Without ID”
Tuesday, October, 21, 7:00 pm And in Love I Live
Wednesday, October, 15, 7:30 pm Chronicles of a Refugee Episode 2 of 6 – “The Daily Nakbas”
Wednesday, October, 8, 7:30 pm Chronicles of a Refugee Episode 1 of 6: "The Nakba Dailies"
September 2008
Thursday, September, 18, 8:00 pm Wijdan, Re-encounter of the Souls: Sacred Music in North and West Africa
August 2008
Tuesday, August, 19, 7:00 pm 68 Pages by Sridhar Rangayan
Wednesday, August, 13, 7:00 pm "Nothing is Safe: Israel's 2006 War on Lebanon" Screening Series
July 2008
Wednesday, July, 30, 7:00 pm Sneak Preview Screening of Jawad Metni's "Lebanon Cluster Bomb"
April 2008
Friday, April, 4, 7:30 pm The Presence of Absence in the Ruins of Kafr Bir’im by John Halaka
October 2007
Friday, October, 12, 7:00 pm Fundraising Screening & Discussion of Swaraj / The Little Republic
June 2007
Monday, June, 18, 7:00 pm The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib by Rory Kennedy followed by a panel discussion
November 2006
Wednesday, November, 15, 7:30 pm Palestine Blues by Nida Sinnokrot
Friday, November, 3, 7:30 pm The Night Baghdad Fell by Mohamed Amin
October 2006
Monday, October, 30, 8:00 pm Ahlaam by Mohamed Al-Daradji
January 2004
Sunday, January, 11, 7:00 pm An Evening wirth Marcel Khalife
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